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The club’s lectern of around 40 years old was beginning to look rather dilapidated so club member Jack Holland decided he would like to replace it. He contacted Mr. Bernard Hopkinson, lecturer in woodwork at the Blackpool and Fylde College to find out if anyone would be interested in making a replacement. Mr. Hopkinson said he himself would like to do it so he was given a free hand to design and make the new lectern. In the best tradition he started with a few sketches on the back of an envelope and from there developed the final design. When speaking to the club he said he had bought a tree and so had some suitable wood. The wood in question was elm, not easy to work but durable and though not particularly relevant in this case resistant to water. As he explained to the club he used to make coffins of elm and so was used its peculiarities.
Suffice to say the club has a stylish, elegant lectern made with love and care by a craftsman. The finished item isreated with linseed oil then waxed so should it incur any minor damageit can easily be rectified.
The club is greatly indebted to Jack Holland and Bernard Robinson for this splendid gift which will last many years.

In the picture above is, from laft to right, Jack Holland, Bernard Hopkinson, Bill Coplin (President) and Hamish Martin (General Secretary) while the picture below shows Jack receiving the Lectern from Bernard.

Jack & Bernard